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Neokraft Neo 300 manufacturers
Neokraft Neo 300

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Neokraft Medical


Treatment, Life Support



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Infant Warmer with Fixed Baby Cradle

Neokraft NEO 300 Series Neonatal Intensive Care Warmers are an advancedmicroprocessor based servo controlled systems with hi-temperature cut offsafety facility. Radiant Warmers are full featured NICU equipment to meetNeonatal critical care requirements for new-born baby those in need oftemperature maintenance

Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature controller, Modes withSkin /Air and Manual Control. Independent Hi temperature sensor for Hi Temp Cutoff at 39 degree.  

German make ceramic heater with parabolic reflector to maintain uniformtemperature across the mattress with swivelling source box easy to take x-rayand procedure

Baby tray four sides clear acrylic panels front and both sidescollapsible with both head up &   down tilting facility, Clear acrylicbase for under surface phototherapy unit with X –Ray cassette compartment.

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