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Hitachi Aloka F31 Ultrasound Machine manufacturers
Hitachi Aloka F31 Ultrasound Machine

Product Details:



Model Name/Number

Aloka F31


2D, 3D, Doppler


F 31


General Imaging, Pain Management Imaging, Cardiac Imaging, Women's Imaging, Urology Imaging, Vascular Imaging, Small Body Parts Imaging

Scanning Mode

Convex, Linear, Micro Convex

Display Mode

B, B+B, B+M, M

Colordoppler system from the most durable and oldest ultrasound companyHitachiAloka - providing outstanding 2D gray scale images in the value segmentrange,60 mm foot print for convex provides larger scanning area and special TVsprobecovers wide range of applications, Dynamic Slow motion Display- providesrealtime comparison with applications ranging from obstetric,gynaec,cardiology,endo-rectal, small parts, carotid, abdoman etc

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